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Tracy Mathers

Registered Nurse Injector

I can remember being in the 3rd grade and being asked to draw a picture of my future career. I drew myself as a doctor. I always knew I would be in the medical field. Growing up, I was always more of a girly girl and had a love for everything beauty and fashion. I can remember always wanting to try out all the new make-up and beauty trends. When I was in high school, during my elective anatomy class I made the decision that I would go to college to become a nurse and, I did! 16 years into my nursing career, I decided I wanted to work in the aesthetic world. It felt like the perfect balance of medical & beauty, two things that excited me! I envisioned myself working for a plastic surgeon. I had many try and steer me away from this side of the career, one who thought that aesthetics nursing wasn’t “real” nursing but it didn’t change my mind. I was really in love with the concept that when we feel our best we project the best version of ourselves.

"My mission is to help people feel amazing in their own skin"

When I graduated with registered nurse license, I went and worked in a occupational health setting which I quickly realized it didn’t fulfill my need to help people feel better about themselves. I went on to take my first RN hospital job, working on the progressive care unit (cardiology) unit. After doing our practicum during school I knew that when it came to the hospital setting this is the kind of nursing I wanted to be doing. I ultimately still had my heart set on aesthetics in a private practice setting but I wanted to gain some core, critical thinking nursing skills by working in a hospital first. Even as an aesthetic nurse, those core nursing skills are invaluable. I highly recommend that all new RNs work in the hospital for at least 2 years before they move into a specialty like Aesthetics. It will just make you a much more well-rounded nurse and caregiver, I’ve also found it helps build trust with patients.


"I’m here to make you feel & look more beautiful"

While working in the hospital, I started looking for some part-time injecting experience. My first step was going out on my own and taking several different injection courses. After this, I was able to open my own medi-spa, a very part-time position on some evenings and weekends. Working both jobs has allowed me to get my foot in the door and start learning the ropes of the field.
After 6 months of working in the hospital and working part-time as an injector. I had one particularly rough Day at the hospital. I was exhausted physically and emotionally, and on my way home from my shift, I decided it was time to move into the aesthetic world full time. I’m a very compassionate and maternal person and the hospital setting was taking a toll on my mental health. My goal is to move into the aesthetic world full-time in the next year. I’m here to make you feel & look more beautiful.

With Love,

Tracy Mathers

Amber Starcher Client

I visited Tracy the other day and had the best experience! She is super knowledgeable and great at what she does, not to mention she is super adorable and sweet as can be! Her work is clean and thorough and couldn’t be more pleased with my results. Thank you so much Tracy!!!

Laura Robinson Client

Tracy is very knowledgeable first of all. Which is especially great when someone is playing with your face!! She does beautiful work and takes her time to make you feel like a friend. I left not only feeling and looking fresher, but with a new friend in town. I HIGHLY recommend her!! You will NOT be disappointed!

Misty Moore Client

I had the most AMAZING experience with Traci at Diamonds Aesthetics!!! Traci and the environment were so welcoming, cozy and friendly. She did a SPECTACULAR job with my lips. Exceeded my expectations by far!!! If I could give her more than 5 I would!! I HIGHLY recommend her!!! And she is so sweet to top it off!!!

Jordyn Swenson Client

Tracy is so wonderful! she made the experience so comfortable and easy! She left me speechless with how my lips turned out! She will forever be the only lady I trust to go to !! Thank you so much, Tracy!! You are amazing!!

Johnson Client

Tracy is amazing.. everything was perfect! Wouldn't go to anyone else!

Fiona Conerly Client

I was truly impressed with my results. Tracy was super knowledgeable and patient with all of my questions. Highly recommend!

Erica Gillum Client

Tracy is very knowledgeable. I highly recommend going to Diamonds Aesthetics!

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